MUCHARGING (Macau) Limited and MU (Hong Kong) Limited 

Fair Usage Policy


1. Introduction

At MUCHARGING, we want our customers to always enjoy the best possible service experience. To cater for the increasing electric vehicle (“EV”) use by all our clients, we continue to invest in smart EV charging facilities. In order to ensure all our clients can enjoy the best possible experience, we will use a fair usage policy to manage your EV charging experience.


The principles of our Fair Usage Policy are to:

(i) ensure fair access to the MU EV charging service (“MUCHARGING Service or MU Service”) for all users of the MU EV charging network at all times; and

(ii) ensure the performance of the EV charging facilities is not adversely affected by extreme usage


2. Action we may take

If in our reasonable opinion, the use of your MU Service is excessive or unreasonable (e.g. you have reached the fair usage level of the MU Service as specified by us from time to time), we may manage access of the Smart Charge Service in a reasonable manner (for example, restricting your maximum charging current). If we do take any action, you still have to pay any charges incurred for usage.


3. Revisions

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this Fair Usage Policy from time to time. Please refer to our website ( for the latest version. Nothing in this Fair Usage Policy overrides nor prejudices our rights under the terms and conditions of your MUCHARGING Service contract. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of this Fair Usage Policy, the Chinese version shall prevail.



4. Why do we need a Fair Usage Policy?

Our Fair Usage Policy is implemented to ensure fair access to MUCHARGING Service for all customers of our EV charging network at all times.


5. What is our fair usage policy?

Please refer to your MUCHARGING monthly membership or service plan. When your monthly charging hours has reached the maximum hours as stated in your service plan, you are required to pay an extra over limit charging fee. Please refer to your monthly service plan for detailed arrangements.


Furthermore, to ensure each of our client can enjoy a fair charging service, if the total EV charging power is more than the possible power provision in the installation site, our Load Management System (LMS) will suspend the charging process for the EV that has reached the fair usage charging amount. The suspended EV will have a priority in the waiting list. When the LMS detects that an EV has finished the charging process, the suspended EV will be prioritized to resume charging. The LMS may varies according to the different services we provide to you, such as evening out the charging power for all EV chargers that are in use. The LMS helps to avoid any electricity tripping or overloading of the power network of your installation site.


Your usage period will be calculated by reference to data recorded or logged by us only. All the records held by us will be conclusive evidence of your usage period of the MUCHARGING Service.


Version: 2021_002.