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MU Simple Socket Model MU-U11


Charging speed 55 km/ hr

Charging current up to 16A

Enables single-phase (3.7 kW) and three-phase (11 kW) charging

IP 54 Waterproofing

DC-fault-current circuit breaker included

Operation temperature -20 to +45 °C


Type 2 EN 62196-1/2 with interlock

DC-leakage current sensor for detecting DC-leakage currents IΔn ≥ 6 mA (pre-installation requires a circuit breaker CB and a RCD Type A)

Charging capacity of Max. 11 kW (three-phase, 16 A, 230/400 VAC, ~50 Hz), Precondition for the maximum charging capacity of 11 kW are: A three-phase charging cable, a vehicle with a three-phase charge connector (min. 16 A) and a three-phase 16 A grid connection.